What is L4?



The program we use to run our trucks and schedule appointments is called L4 which is short for Locations 4. Once logged in to Five9, your screen will generate L4 automatically. You will then click on Current Call on the left side. Then click on “Browser” from the top tabs and enter the website “https://maxcare.com“. This will then bring you to a page where you select ‘Prestige’ and it will ask you for your login and password again. Once you’re logged in, you are now in the system and ready to go. Put on the headset. In a few moments, it will beep in your ear and will pop on your screen to let you know everything is working properly. Click okay. 

You will then click on Schedule then at the bottom of the schedule Click Show Totals, Show Bookings, and Show Completed Times to add this additional information to your schedule. Then get to know the day and your openings for the next week. The best day to be aware of is today!

Knowing your way around L4

The Tabs on the top of your browser are pretty straight forward. 

Home is not a tab you will click on often, but this is the tab that will automatically open once you have logged in. 

Customers This tab will have anything to do with finding a customer. In this tab is where you will go to find customers who require the last step of our service circle, SQM. You will also find a sub tab called WebInQ 2nd Attempt, which means someone has emailed in about a web inquiry and we have emailed the customer back a quote and we need to follow up by phone. There is a script for this call in the script section of the training manuel. The WebINQ 3rd attempts means we have emailed a quote, tried to call by phone and havent been able to contact them so we send a follow up email letting them know we had sent the quote and tried to call them and just wanted to ensure they recieved the email and if they were ready to book the services. Cancellation follow ups are appointments that have been booked and have been cancelled for various reasons.

Schedule  This tab will be the most used tab when using the program, so you need to learn your way around this tab the quickest. This tab will have eveyrthing you need in regards to booking any appointment and changing appointments around as well as used for dispatch. You can search for an appointment by either searching the customers phone number in the box on the left hand side of the page or going through the first tab of “appointment search”. 

View booked by” is where you will go to see all the booked appointments either on that specific day or your can change the date range of the search as well.

View cancelled by” will show you all the cancelled bookings in a specific date range.

The next three tabs are not tabs that you will use. 

Invoices This tab will show you all previous invoices up to date as they are entered. You will look through old invoices to see what a customer paid for previous services, what type of services they receieved, when they were done, who completed the work for them as well as payment type. This is all important information when booking a repeat customer. Vent count for ducts is an important item to check on old invoices also. Ensure you ask the customer if they have done any renovations since the cleaning to increase the vent count. If it is carpets or area rug cleaning, repeat what they had cleaned and the date they had it done and ask them if this is the same areas they were looking to have cleaned again. 

Quotes  This tab will show you any previous quotes that were given to the customer and by who and the date. You can also build a new quote for the customer by clicking on “New Quote”. When building a new quote it will ask you what the type of quote is. CCPC is carpet and area rug cleaning. CCPD is duct cleaning as well as any services on their own such as dryer vents and central vac cleaning. You will need to ensure you have enter all available information into the quote, and copy and paste the requested cleaning information from the email into the corresponding area. 

Concerns This tab will be high lighted by various colours if there is a concern tab present. It will bring up all previous concern tabs of the last customer you have clicked on. When building a new concern tab, always ensure you include as much information as possible as to what the concern is. Ask lots of questions to get a good through idea of what the customers concern is. Ensure you have looked at the invoice from the job they are calling about and enter the techican name who did the work as well as original work date. If you are forwarding their concern to management, please go and pull the original invoice, make a photo copy and put in managements tray. Ensure you also email the manager and let them know exactly what the concern is as well as the contact details of the customer. You will always let the customer know that we will have someone from management get back to them within 1-2 business days. 

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