Topical Products


Topical Products
Price First! Depending on the level of saturation and contamination, you may need this product to ensure the removal of your stains or smells. Our technicians will consult with you when they arrive.

Bio-Treat: Used on only Carpets & Furniture 

Always discuss BioTreat when urine, feces or vomit is mentioned

  • All-natural, organic product
  • Safe for pets, children, and anyone with chemical sensitivities, allergies or asthma 
  • Uses live enzymes that break up the organic matter deep in the fibres of the carpets/furniture to removes the stains and smells 
  • Needs 7-10 days to completely break down all of the organic enzymes 
  • Fantastic product that we’ve had a lot of success with as it is not just a masking agent, it will completely eradicate the source of the odour


If a customer lets us know they are unhappy with their carpets or furniture that has just been Bio-Treated, we advise cx to wait the full 10 days and if it’s not gone by then, give us a call back and we will have the technicians come back again but it needs time to fully break down all the organic matter.

Sold in units (One unit covers up to 2 rooms or 2 pieces of furniture for $79)

2 units of Bio-treat will cover up to 4 rooms for $110 and $39 per additional unit


Benefect: Used on Ducts/ Carpets/ Furniture 

Always discuss Benefect when smoke odour, food in vents, mold, bacteria

  • Hospital grade disinfectant that is used in local hospitals and day cares
  • Disinfectant and fungicide 
  • All natural products that is safe for pets, children, anyone with chemical sensitivities, allergies or asthma
  • Kills mold, mildew, fungus, and kills 99.9999% of bacteria and germs 
  • Thyme and Lemongrass based product 
  • Less toxic than vinegar, stronger than bleach 
  • Whipped through an electric fogger that is distributed evenly and properly through your entire air handling system 
  • No Odour

Always on commercial jobs – no exceptions. 

Disinfectant Price
Ducts: 1st 10 Vents: $59 Additional Vents: $6 Each 22 Vents and above: $109
Disinfectant is applied to the work order per air handling system in the home

*See price list for pricing for Carpet and Furniture Benefect as it varies on what is being cleaned.

Wet Scotch Guard – See Price List
Only on USED carpets and furniture                                

Dry Scotch Guard – Additional 10% of Regular Price
Only on BRAND NEW furniture


  • 3M Scotch Guard, the best in the industry, used to protect your carpets/ furniture from stains and spills
  • Scotch Guard and other carpet protectors will break down over time, due to regular wear, vacuuming and cleaning. We recommend re-applying 3M Scotch Guard annually for optimal stain resistance.

If there is a spot or a stain that you cannot remove, we will come back to your home twice within one year to re clean those spots or stains for you.

*If we need to re clean furniture, Scotch Guard is reapplied as cleaning with our systems removes the guard. Techs will advise.


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