Inbound Carpet Cleaning Script


Inbound Carpet Cleaning – Script
I would be happy to help you with an estimate.

What areas of the home are you looking to have cleaned?
What pieces of furniture are you looking to have cleaned?

Determine what your customer is looking to have cleaned and quote them accordingly. Be sure to ask prompting questions like:

A standard size room is within 225 sq ft, would you say your room is within this standard size?
How many bedrooms would you say fit within your larger room?
Do you have any loose back cushions on your furniture?
We have a 13 Stair Package for $36 or a 13 Stair and Landing Package for $46, does your flight of stairs have a landing?

Remember to keep it simple. We want them to know it is easy to do business with us.

I have quoted you for (review work order in detail) with a total of (total) including your waste handling, energy, and HST. Our technicians will do a thorough walk-through of these areas in your home with you when they arrive and ensure the estimate is accurate and the price is agreed upon before any of the work starts.


What we do is a high powered, hot water extraction. They heat the water to nearly 200 degrees, so they are able to thoroughly and clinically clean your carpet/ furniture. They truly do fantastic work!


Are you normally home and available throughout the week? I currently have availability on (two options) with an arrival time of sometime between (arrival time). Which would you prefer?

I have scheduled your carpet/furniture cleaning appointment for (date) with an arrival time of sometime between (arrival time). We will call you back the day of your appointment sometime between (window of time set) to narrow down the arrival time to a two-hour window and also let you know the name of your technician who will arrive. We ask that you please have any lamps, plants, and breakable items away from the areas that we will be cleaning and a light pre-vacuum to the carpets. If you could also please ensure the driveway is clear, that would be greatly appreciated. Our technicians will accept Debit, Visa, and MasterCard, and they the mobile machine with them for your convenience.


Our company also has a really fantastic furnace and duct cleaning, division. Have you ever had a chance to have the air handling system in your home professionally cleaned?

Check your job details and mapping on the schedule to ensure proper routing.


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