Duct AM – Confirmation Script


Duct Confirmations

Morning Appointments (On Season –  7:30 AM – 12:30 AM) (Off Season – 8 AM – 1 PM)

Good Morning/Afternoon, Mr./Mrs. (Customer’s Last name)?

This is (employee name) calling from Prestige Carpet and Duct Cleaning. I am calling to confirm your duct cleaning appointment scheduled for (date of appointment) with an arrival of sometime between (window of arrival) Pause

We will call you the afternoon before your appointment to provide you with your narrowed down time of arrival.

If any, always address specific concerns right away. Repeat the concerns.

Example: “Oh, you have spoken to your spouse and this date is no longer convenient?

Let’s reschedule”.

Can you please confirm your address for me?

Thank you.

To review your work order, I see you have…. (Breakdown customers’ entire work order, items, price then features. Example: Our Duct Cleaning Package for $149 which covers the first 10 vents in your home. Each additional vent above 10 vents is just $12.75 per vent and 10 are included in your work order for a total of 20 vents).

Your estimate total including your waste handling and energy $14.79 and HST comes to (provide total)

It is important clean all of the vents in your home including all of the supply, all of the returns and any vents in the basement. If you have any more or less then (number of vents) we have estimated the price would adjust by $12.75 per vent. Our technicians will do a walkthrough and count the exact number of vents in your home.

We are a C.O.D service and accept Debit, Visa and Mastercard. The technicians will have the mobile debit machine once they arrive. If you could kindly ensure the area around the furnace is clear and leave a spot at the top of the drive way for our technicians to park, that would be greatly appreciated. 

End your call with something positive. Example: I know you’re going to love the service! We look forward to seeing you! Have a great day!


Last Update: May 20, 2021  

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