Area rug Regular Maintenance

Vacuum thoroughly: Although it may not be obvious, dust and dirt settle into your rug from the air and every day use. Vacuuming your rug thoroughly and frequently keeps it looking great longer. How frequently you should vacuum is based on how must dust is in the home and how much use the rug gets, but a good rule of thumb is once per week, or 2-3 times per week for rugs in high traffic areas.

Spot Clean: If you have a small spill or spot, clean it carefully and quickly, while it is still wet, following our stain guide. Use an absorbent material such as paper or cotton towels to absorb as much as possible. If there is a large volume of liquid, we recommend calling a professional, as it will be difficult to extract on your own.

Treat your rugs with 3M Scotchgard™: Scotchgard™ helps your rug resist soiling and makes cleaning up spots and spills easier.

Keep up the Cleaning: Carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning every 12-24 months in order to maintain your warranty and keep your carpets looking great for as long as possible. Cleaning your carpets regularly can prevent premature wear, improve appearance and prolong their life.


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